World Champs

Val di Sole, Italy

Val di Sole has always been an intimidating track. The technical level required is just unbelievable but it takes more than that to slow our riders down!

Myriam, Gaëtan (Vigé) and Rémi were part of team France and George included in the New Zealand squad. They were super lucky to get the sickest bikes and kits for this race thanks to our partners who worked hard to make it happen!

Junior and Pompon looked good for the first day of training !

Junior and Pompon looked good for the first day of training !

Lets also mention that the previous weekend the Masters World Championships took place where Myriam’s 2 brothers competed. Olivier became World Champion in the 30-35 year old category, and Guilhem took 5th! Both on COMMENCAL bikes of course, congrats!

During the 4 long days of practice, they all showed promising ability. Rémi was without any doubt one of the best to watch and fastest riders. George, always smooth, didn’t disappoint either! Gaëtan and Myriam built up their speed during these practice days to come strong in the race…

Mitch still with the style!

Mitch still with style!

It was a nervous long wait until the races started on the Sunday and everyone just couldn’t wait for it! The juniors race was the first as usual. Gaëtan, winning the last 2 World Cups was under some pressure for sure. He had a good run but felt too stiff on his bike on a track that required flexibility and fluidity. He would eventually take 3rd place/a bronze medal in the juniors.



Next up it was the womens race. Myriam started way down the field and well before the top women because of her high UCI ranking (for not having raced much this season). She flew down and set the fastest time by more than 25 seconds! We all hoped for the best until Rachel Atherton came down and beat her time by only 3 seconds. Myriam is Vice World Champion! What an incredible and unexpected end to the season!

Pompon with the smile!

Pompon with the smile!

The men’s race was going to be really exciting. George had a good run but was regretting being a bit too conservative. He still finished a great 13th place. We were all waiting for Rémi’s run because we knew he could be in the mix, he had an amazing run but a mechanical cost some precious time over the last 45 seconds. He will ended up 6th, only 1.5 seconds off the podium which was a great performance but still disappointing to know that it could have been!

Geogeo scrubbing the last jump !

Geogeo scrubbing the last jump !

We came home from these World Champs with 2 medals, silver for Myriam, bronze for Gaëtan, Rémi in 6th and George in 13th. A good and satisfying weekend but we always hope for more… Onto next year with more work and dedication than ever to reach the top steps again!

Finally, the team, staff and riders can’t thank all of you enough. Partners, fans, friends and family make all of this possible. THANK YOU and see you all next year!