World Cup #1


UCI World Cup #1 – Lourdes Team Recap

You might have already seen how crazy the Lourdes World Cup was, but here’s some insight into how the day went for the team.

Our Sunday started very well with Myriam Nicole. She put down a solid run and ended up in 4th position : « For sure I’m a bit disappointed ! Maybe I had to do more runs on this track and I missed some speed but now I know what I have to work and on I’ll be focused on that for the next rounds ».



Despite a painful shoulder injury, Gaëtan Ruffin did a smooth run and finished 50th!

George Brannigan had qualified 22nd but unfortunately punctured in his race run! It was a real shame for George who had intentionally done a safe quali run in order to save 100% for the final.



And finally its difficult to express just how sad we are for Rémi Thirion! He qualified 8th and was ready to smash it in front of the huge French crowd! Unfortunately the storm which hit at the end of the afternoon for the last 11 riders had other ideas. Gale force winds, heavy cloud cover and torrential rain made things impossible for them. The dry hardpack track was rendered almost unridable with a thin layer of greasy mud. Even trying to get down safely was difficult, with Remi hitting the ground twice. Luckily he made it through unscathed, and is looking forward to redemption in Fort William.

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